Here are some firsthand accounts from the War of 1812, written by Henry Ingraham in his journal, who was just 15 at the time the war was declared, June 18, 1812. (200 years ago this spring)

thursday [May 21, 1812] very Dark times in our national affairs.

Saturday May 23 Capt Bernard Company Darughted men —- Charles went to Se them

tuesday July 4 . 1812  Charles want to go again to Destruction or privateering. more trouble for my father he needs more patience to act aright. [Charles, Henry’s brother, was 19 at this time]

Friday July 31st 1812 foggy weather Charles enter on Bord the privateer Dart, Capt Curtis commander. father & mother very much against his going a privateering. He is a poor fellow inexperiencd knows but Litle what a place he has put himself in. But we hope for the Best.

Sabath august 9th 1812  Times looks Dark & Dismal. Bad news about the privateer being takeing but no news about the Dart privateers That can be Beleved.

Thursday Sept 10 . 1812  Bad News about Gen Hull. no news of the Dart. we are afraid they are lost.

Monday Sept 14 [1812] we Do no work. Charles come home from privateering.

Friday Sept 18 . 1812  Charles went up  To the Store Drinking & swearing. wicked Boy allmost ruined – having his own way & going a privateering

Monday  we hear that Charles  is gone a privateering in a schooner called The Growler.

Sunday Decr 13 . 1812 father Did not go to meeting. allmost sick hear news of the Growler had taken Prize….Do not know what is Become of Charles.

monday March 1st I & father went to Town meeting we hear that the Growler is got into

Holmes Hole & had a Battle and lost two of her men & a Boy & Six wounded among

the wounded the captain.  father is very much troubled about Charles for fear he is amongst the killed or wounded. But he is in the hands of his Creator & he will Do what is right to his creatures and if he is for longer life the lord will preserve him & keep him in the Day of Batle .

tuesday March 9th [1813] we hear Charles is arrived to Boston…father take a portion of physick.

Wednsday april 13 . 1814 news that the embargo is a going to be taken of[f].

Charles went a fishing & caught 13 fish.

Monday May 9th [1814] we have Dismal news that my poor Brother Charles & Isaa Spear And Edward Robinson Are all Dronded poor Charles has Been at Home allmost Six month he came home the 20th November.

May 10 . 1814 a Day of  Mourning at our House.  All the People went & Got up John Goddings Boat. a Maloncolly sight to se the Boat come Back & leave the poor young men in the ocean.

Wednsday May 11 . 1814 all or a Great many men went to Sweep after the Drownded young men but did not find them. Mother mourns very much for her poor Charles but he will not come to her but She must go to him…

wednsday we have word that poor Brother Charles is found.  father got Mr Thomas Crockit to go & fetch his Body up & it was a Dismal Sight to Se his poor Body with his head & hands eat up by the fishes as we suppose. [Charles’ grave is at Tolman Cemetery on Lake Avenue]

friday [July 1, 1814] father went to Uncle Johns [Boothbay] and found them all well But very much Disturbed by the enemy he went to se Maj’r Mc cown & Mr Harris & Mrs Harris his Mother (in Law) and Mr Thompson & Joseph Pearce all very much flustrated there expecting the enemy to Destroy & Burn them up every minit.

wednsday Sept 7th  [1814] in the morning there was four Ships & two Brigs at anchor in the Bay, and come in one Ship & a schoner, making eight British vesels in our bay at night. we are some in fear that they will land But Hope for the Best. at night I went to keep guard.

thursday Sept 8 . 1814 the Ships went out this morning & came Back again in a Few Hours. father went to Capt Ulmers to training & Set the Gaurds. Uncle Jacob came to our House and kept Guard on our Point at night. (Ingraham house below, shown after 1848 enlargement.)

Friday Sept 9 . 1814 the Ships went out this morning & we Dont no where they are gone But we hope they wont come back.

Saturday Sept 10 There was Seven British Ships & Brigs went up the Bay. how the times will turn with us we know not but the Lord is good & will Do what is Best for us.

wednsday [Sept. 20, 1814] we had an uneasey time this after n. there is nine Ships & Brigs and 7 or 8 Vesels in our Bay of the enemy. very much Disturbed at night. I rode the horse all night.

Thursday wind easterly the Ships all a laying in the Bay the Town in alarm no Businefs Done But Soldiering

friday Sept 23 the Ships went out this morning. we hear the Britons are been plundering at North Port.

Saturday there was a Scirmish at Jameson Point. a Privateer run Bann a shore and the

militia Defended her.

Sabath octr 23 . 1814 father went to meeting & I went to the Keig. we was

alarmed & run out of the meeting heard that Barges was a coming up the river!

wednsday Novr 2d 1814 one Brig & one schoner lay of in the Bay suppos to be British. very much alarmed this night. the Enemy threaton to burn Camden Harbour or the houses on the Shore

Saboth [Nov. 13, 1814] the Ship went from Camden and I am in hopes she wont come again

Tuesday Nov 22 . 1814 we was much alarmed. the privateer fly in here and drove a schoner Belonging to Hamden In to Spears wharfe.  The fly belonged to Portland, Capt Sweat of Portsmouth commander.

Wed Nov. 30, 1814 The privateer a fixing out at the Mill River.  Coit went to Georges to enter as he said.  Father says he thinks it a poor plan to fix out privateers when we are so much exposed to the enemy.  Some a trading with them and some a fighting them.  Strange war and people we are one against another.  A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.

Tuesday Decr 13th [1814] Mr Crocket & Philip Ulmer came to our house to git a Search Warrant to Search for Smugled Goods and found some.

[Treaty of Ghent, Dec. 15, 1814.  Fighting continued until ratification in February wednsday feb.y 15 we have news that a Dispatch vessel has arrived and there is news of a Pacifick nature. great rejoiceing here and all around.

Saturday [Feb. 25, 1815] we have the agreable news of peace in our National affaires.