Henry with his dog about 1864

Monday 9 April 1860 I dig some parsnips sold 56 pounds.  git a dog of a boy, gave him 5 cents.  he ran away.  John white wash the cook roome.

Saturday 27 June 1863  we all help work on the house, git it dun 1/2 past 10 a.m.  Mr Butler gave Edwin a dog name Frank.

February 22 1864 Monday  uncal Josah Ingraham here stay all night.  his cancer is verry bad.  I lent our dog to Mr Singer of Thomaston.  John go to Augusta with his wife.

March 1, 1864 Tuesday we hall Mr Wilson 9 wt hay 20 dollars per ton.  wife & I attend the funerl of Mr Ham.  I go after the dog he ran a way

Thursday 31 March 1864  wind blow & rain a little. I go to John Fosters & up town after noon.  dog go off.

Monday 8 Aug 1864  John & Mr Winkapaw hoe the beans back field.  Mr Singer bring me a dog

Saturday 24 Sept 1864  John paint I kill a lam.  Singers dog here.

Saturday 25 Mar 1865  John hall 1 cord to Mr Moses Cobb for firewood.  go a claming afternoon fine day.  Dog here.