tuesday 22d this morning calm then the wind Breeze at S lite wind. Then at night calm I tended kiln tall twelve O –clok at night along with my father.

thursday June 7. 1810 this Day Southerly & easterly winds, Some moderate, looks like a Storm. my Dad went to Mr Jarveys & got one shoe set on the Mare. & Mr Nath Crockit came after the crazey woman to keep her a Spell & I am glad She is gone away out of the Neighborhood — Henry Ingraham

friday June 8 . 1810 this Day the wind at NE, Some cold for the time of year. in the afternoon the wind at E, Looks very much like a Storm. Charles filled the Small kiln. Dad went Warren, took the acknowledgment of two Deeds for Mr John Stackpole. Fish very ——- Scarse. Mr Mathias Ulmer hurt himself by falling of his horse & like to faint away. ——– ————

Wednsday 13 this Day very Rany & wet, the wind at E. a great Deal of water on the ground. looks Malencoly, very foggy thunder & lightning & Rain in abundance. ——–

this Day June 23 the wind at South and very moderate. Some thunder, looks like Showers. Father went to church meeting. the crazy woman fight very much. Charles went to Mr Packard to git casks and filled out the Lime —–

June 26 . 1810 this Day in the morning the wind at NE, Some Hazey & warm. we mark our Lambs. had ten yews, two wheathors & two rams, in all fourteen. we have thirty four Sheep & Lambs. father pay Mrs Crockit 10/3 & for Hannah Hix 9/.

thursday 28 . June AD 1810 this Day Some rany & foggy the wind at east. considerable of rain last night. Charles is not got home from fishing. father went to Camden to Se Mr Foote. uncle Josiah got a chain made for the Crazy woman –

July 4 . 1810 this Day is what we call Independent Day. the wind at east & foggy weather, overcast weather all Day. I went to Georges & heard the Rev John Lord Deliver an oration, – looks like Rain.

July 16 . Monday this Day the wind at West SW, some overcast. not very good hay weather. Coit & Charles mowe Some. we got in two lode of hay or about 20 cocks. rain in the afternoon. chery went to Josiahs Bull at night. Mr Cooper git up the gundoloe that he Sunk.

Saturday July 21st 1810 this Day we have good weather for hay. git in three lode. at night Mr Bartlet has cunvulsion fitts.

Wednsday July 25 . 1810 this Day the wind at SWBW, Blows very fresh. we git in one lode of hay. I weed the garden. I mow Some. H. H. absent three Days. Capt Spears got home. he went out to go to the Westward Monday the 23 Day & was Becalmed of the east end of Monhegan & let go both his anchors to keep his vessel from going a shore but she parted her cabels & went on Shore & Stove to peases. he Saved some of her Rigging & Sails.

Saboth Day augt 5 this Day the wind at SW part the Day, thunder & rain pored about two o clock. Susan come home from boston. Mrs Ingraham, the English lady, came also. farther went to hear Mr Lord preach in the forenoon.

august 8. this Day fair weather, pleasant morning, the wind Southerly. good hay weather, we got in three lode of hay. Mr Ames preach a Lecture up to our School house. Lady Ingraham & ant Hannah Ingraham & Susan Ingraham was here a Visiting.

Saturday octo r 20 . 1810 this Day I & Charles hall two lode of wood. father went to mill to the Keig & in the afternoon went to Georges. talks of —– Draughting men for to Suppreƒs an Insurection.

tuesday octr 23. fair weather, the wind at NW Blows very hard & Quite cold weather. father went to Georges. the Minit men was Drafted. I Dont expect they will be obliged to go this year wht ever they Do next. Capt Coombs go out at night. we thrash Barly.

Thursday Jan.y 31st thawy and some rain. Mrs Gregory came from Uncle Jobs in the afternoon. Crazy Caulson came to our Door but Did not com in.

Sabath June 23 . 1811 father went to meeting over to the Keig. I went up to the Meadow. it Seems to appear that we shall have not much hay for our catle & that we Shall have a Dry time. But we Dont no, we are Strange creaturs, we ought to be contented let the weather be as it will for Infinite Wisdom nows what is Best for his creatures – Waterman Hewett come and cary away Elsey Keen ————