The Ingraham Diaries


In 1795, a farmer in Rockland, Maine, folded a piece of paper into a little book, picked up a quill pen, and started listing debits and credits in a barter system with his neighbors. Gradually his diaries became more narrative. When his son, Henry, was 13, Joseph Ingraham handed the daily record over to him. Together, they entered the day’s happenings in the diaries for 80 years. Both were justices of the peace, performing weddings and deeply involved in civic affairs. They also burned lime.

Are you interested in 80 years of planting and harvest records?
Are you interested in family history?
Are you interested in the fish population?
Are you interested in Rockland’s lime industry?
Are you interested in 19th century domestic ways?
Are you interested in church history and 98 ministers?
Are you interested in 84 ships, shipbuilding and 97 sea captains?
Are you interested in the military and 3 Generals? British ships anchored in Rockland Harbor in 1814, and Henry rode his horse all night to keep them from coming ashore.

The Ingrahams lived through Maine’s becoming a state, Knox’s becoming a county, and Rockland’s splitting off from Thomaston and becoming a city and the county seat. Many other Maine towns are represented, plus distant ports where the mariners sailed.

Like Eaton’s History of Thomaston, Rockland and South Thomaston, or the Journals of Revs. Smith and Deane in Portland, this is sure to become the ultimate reference book on what happened to whom and when in the vicinity of Rockland and Thomaston, Maine, with many racy stories and heart-wrenching tragedies along the way.

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