This is interesting because it shows the gradual evolution of Thanksgiving as a local holiday, sometimes Ad Hoc, to a national holiday proclaimed by President Lincoln in 1863. Even Christmas was celebrated only occasionally.

Thursday 19 Nov 1850 I attend Thanksgiveing at the Methodes House. Mr Fesenden preach. the sons of Temprence have a salibration. snow at night.

Thursday 24 Nov 1859 thanksgiven. I go to here Joseph K[alloch] preach N. end.

Thursday 29 Nov 1860 Thanksgiven, meet with the 2nd Baptist, Mr Hart preach.

Thursday 21 Nov 1861 Thanksgiving. we attend cerves at our Church. Mr Joseph Kalloch preach.

April 13 1862 Sunday we attend Church. Mr Hart preach a Thanksgiven Sermon on acount of the vickres of our armey and navey since 1862.

Thursday 27 1862 Thanksgiven survice at our hous, Joseph Kalloch preach. some slays [sleighs] going. Joseph & Edwin & there famaleys here to dinner. I let Mr Witham cut brush, 25 [cents] a lode.

Thursday 26 1863 national Thanksgiving. Mr Hart preach. we had our children & grandchildren to our house, Joseph, Edwin, John, Joseph H & there wives & Frank Seavey & little Ed. when Shall all meet again? fine day for Thanksgiving.

Thursday 24 Nov 1864 Thanksgiven day, we attend at our house. Mr Peacock preach. Barnerd Ingraham have our oxen to plow.

Thursday 7 Dec 1865 Thanksgiven, State & national. we attend at the Meathest house. sprinkle of snow at noon. sold 10 bu rye, 150.[$1.50]

January 1 1866 Monday rain last night, take the snow of[f]. we have our famely togather, Joseph & Achsah & Frank Seavey Kalloch, J H and his wife & child, Edwin & his wife & little Eddy, John & his wife & his little Johney. we have all bin spared to see anouther year and one aded to the number. O.F. [their son, Oliver Francis] and wife & child was well the 10th of December. [They had emigrated to Kansas.]

Thursday 29 Nov 1866 Thanksgiven. I did not go to church. Mr Prat preach at his house. John help me cut up the beef 1/2 day. wife & I go to Joseph Kallach* to dinner. rainey, mudy going.

Thursday 26 1874 Thanksgiven. Colson sick. I go in the woods, plasent day.

Friday 25 Dec 1874 we go to Joseph Kalloch to a Family partey, plasent.